Taking part… if you figure out how… you’re already ahead of the game

My experience so far

I’d say I’ve been web 2.0 aware for about 18 months. I mean I was always online. That first week in college when I typed “jokes” into Yahoo, waited for 5 minutes, and down came the text, how exciting… Then was a boardsie, googler and emailer at work, but it wasn’t until I quit my job and went to Limerick Open Coffee for the first time, that I began to become 2.0 aware. Since then I’ve attended barcamp, opencoffees and paddys valley, but been a wall flower all the time. Moral support, interested in what everyone has to say, had an opinion, but dare not publically give it. I mean… how could I … everyone was so far ahead of the game than me… And all my brilliant observations… someone else had already had them… and the two observations that these lead you onto… and so on…


So.. whats my point?

So.. what I’m getting at… for those of you who are Web 2.0 “A” listers… understand that it is really hard for us newbies to stick our heads above the parapet. The reason it’s the same people who are the loudest every time… is… it is really hard to speak… when you know the loud guy has already heard everything you have to say…


BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY – Newbies… come on… this blog, and the website connected to it encourages… more than everywhere else.. SPEAK… COMMENT… LEAVE A BLANK AND SPOIL YOUR VOTE… DO SOMETHING. You are key to this thing working. I have stayed silent for 18 months. I know how hard it is to hit “Upload”. But you are hereby invited to be a part of this. Even a 4 word sentence is worthwhile. Just get aboard.


GreenNav… its why I care…

To tell you the truth, this blog is not about my observations, musings or experiences. Its also not a place for me to air my dislike for the government, energy companies and equipment suppliers. No… It’s about you doing it… This site (greennav.com) is about the good folks of Ireland and the world in general, gathering the best information around on all things energy and environmental, and having it all in one place. This blog is about “opinion” on same.


So there you go… launched.


My plan is to post on this blog every Monday, at a minimum. But what I’m hoping is that we will also have a large number of other regular and guest contributors. If you have an opinion, this blog is for you. If you have some solid facts or information… then the Wiki based website is for you. Just leave one comment 9even a blank) and I’ll switch you on as a Author, and we’ll be away.

The open blog is here

Add on 1

By the way… “A” listers… this was not meant as a dig.

Add on 2

GreenNav will be a Wiki based website which should contain info on all things green. An example would be solar panels. The different types explained, the science, the practical uses, how to DIY etc.


One Response to Taking part… if you figure out how… you’re already ahead of the game

  1. Niall Larkin says:

    Well done on taking that first step. There’s not stopping you now 🙂

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