Greennav blog – How is it going

So two weeks of obsessively looking at the wordpress stats page, and very happy with what I’ve been seeing, this post is about what topics have been popular, and what has brought visitors to the blog.


Greennav gets a bump


user graph

Following a relatively quiet first few days, the blog got some great bumps when it was mentioned by Eirepreneur, Tom Raftery and Conor O’Neill. WordPress allows you to see what links people have used to find your site, and the lads links have been really helpful… really. It leads me to think a lot about the power of the blog to advertise. In the future, if I put a link to a boiler, or insulation manufacturer or power company, what an effect it could have. It is serious responsibility, and leads me to believe… for the first time ever… that Mulley might have a point… (joke… really… he never has a point!)

On a side note to this I’d like to add a donations to Niall Mellon Township trust button on the side of my page. If some of the more web savvy among you would like to create a button for me (and anyone else who might want it) that would be cool. I mean, shouldn’t everyone have a link like that on their blog.


Search engines really do work


search engine pic

WordPress also gives you the pretty fantastic feature of letting you see what terms people have searched for that found their way to your site, and despite the site only being 2 weeks old, it is doing really well. What is also really interesting is that the search terms. When I wrote the post on boilers… I thought… boring… but on the search engine front… wow…

So what I’m saying is, if you have a non-standard topic to write about… the internet really wants you…


Finally… Comments and other writers

The idea of this site is not for me to write stuff. Come on… I’m a bad writer, and sick of listening to myself. If you have a topic that you would like to write about… please do. Martin has decided to use the site as a way to justify his youtube fetish, that’s fine with me. Any format, any style, that’s fine with me (on green stuff though)


3 Responses to Greennav blog – How is it going

  1. Just keep going as you’re going Patrick, I’m really enjoying it. See you at TechLudd tomorrow night…. I hear there’s a free bar 😉

  2. Congratulations on the Blog. It is a very accessable and useful addition to energy and green issues. Keep it up!!!

  3. greennav says:

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the positive feedback


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