GreenNav Supports the Niall Mellon Township Trust

Having hummed and hawed for a while about advertising here at GreenNav, I think we’ve come upon a plan that will work well. The site is now “supporting” the Niall Mellon Township Trust. We still won’t run ads (unless people tell us they think it is appropriate) , but are encouraging visitors to support the charity instead.

People can support the trust in one of 4 ways

  1. Volunteer to go to Capetown. Last year Patrick went on the trip and was very impressed
  2. Click the link on our site and donate money directly
  3. Donate money to some other volunteer. They aim to have over 2000 volunteers this year so I expect you’ll all probably know someone
  4. Come to the event we plan on holding in a bit, you can donate then!

Thanks to all for your support in advance


Irish Township Trust


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