Earth Hour


Calling Every Citizen


The Planet Earth


You are asked to show you concern for the Earth’s Environment by turning off every light AND everything electrical that is not essential, for just one hour on Saturday March 29th at 8pm your local time.
This idea was started by World Wildlife Fund in Australia last year, has been spreading rapidly throughout the world. The purpose is to raise awareness of Global Warming and the Energy Crisis.
Please e-mail and text as many people as you can about this effective and worthy idea. This is a real demonstration of the power of the people, or if you like; THE POWER OF ONE. It can make a huge difference if enough people participate.

2 Responses to Earth Hour

  1. Jen says:

    I decided to surf to see who else besides me was promoting this. Delighted to find you — great blog!

  2. ainelivia says:

    Wonderful idea, have just posted on my blog and used your text above. Thanks.

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