My printer… and the electricity it consumes

The other day I was trying to get my something that had fallen down behind my printer, and noticed a little hum coming from it. I always switch off my printer so was a bit confused. Anyway long story short… Here are the measurements on how much electricity my printer uses at different times. It is not what I expected


I use a lexmark x2470

Simply by plugging the printer in, it consumes 2.8W. Switch it on… 3.2W. Start printing… 9W. So what does this mean. Well two things. Firstly leaving my printer (and maybe your) switched on is not that big a deal. The important thing… is don’t plug it in…

It also shows that the bulk of the electricity my printer used in the last few months was just by being plugged in… We’re talking 99% or so

I think this is incredible. So if I want to be energy efficient, I need to plug out the printer, or switch off the socket to cut the energy consumption.

Lexmark… I’m shaking my finger…


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