Energy Saving Driving Tips 2 – Close the windows

Energy efficency effect of leaving the windows shut

I know its hot… I know… but leaving the window open when driving is really bad news. Your car (well my car) is a well designed aerodynamic marvel. Leaving the indow open really messes that up. Particularly at high speeds… In fact the effect is cubic… meaning that the drag increases dramatically as you speed up.

So… effect of having the window open in town… 1-2%

…effect of having the window open on the motorway… up to 10%

Lesson is… use the vents in the car to good effect… leave the windows shut…


4 Responses to Energy Saving Driving Tips 2 – Close the windows

  1. […] to leaving a window open, leaving roof racks or roof boxes on your car unnecessarily creates unnecessary drag on the […]

  2. Claire M says:

    Do you have any idea how much extra fuel the ventilation/AC system in a car uses? – do Car Manufacturers provide this information – is there any comparison to the impact of open windows?
    (FYI – What is more compelling for me is the ear-popping ‘whop, whop, whop’ noise made if my back windows are down without the front ones being down.)

    Thanks, C

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  4. Aikon says:

    Oh this changes a lot from my usual habit, thanks!

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