Why cycling is good – get on your bicycle

  • No Petrol/gasoline means reduced emissions from your car
  • Petrol/gasoline costs money, there is a big saving
  • It’s good for your health
  • Reduces congestion
  • In cities, is regularly faster
  • The trip time is very reliable
  • You can park right where you want to go
  • Maintenance costs of a bike a far lower

Why not get a bike, and cycle for 1 trip in 10.


5 Responses to Why cycling is good – get on your bicycle

  1. Fixup says:

    Or, 9 in 10.

  2. greennav says:

    yes…. 9 in 10 would be good!

  3. […] regarded as a tough budget yesterday, Ireland introduced a Tax relief for workers to buy a bike. I’m really for this. The nay-sayers are having a field day saying that it always rains, or that few people are in a […]

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