Cooling down in the office – too hot at work 2 – night cooling

Night Cooling

In almost every part of the world the night time temperature is cool enough to have the effect of cooling down the office. So simply put night cooling refers to the idea of recognising that you will be in need of cooling the next day, and so maximise the cooling that is achieved at night. That can be achieved by

  1. Making sure no heating is switching on during the night
  2. Switching as much electrical equipment off as you can at night, so it is not playing a part in heating up the office (this works for daytime too)
  3. If it is safe to leave windows open – NOTE – Make sure you’ve switch off the heating/cooling if your going to do this, as the heat/cool will just escape
  4. If its not safe to leave the window open, consider precooling the space by setting the timer to come on earlier and have the space “precooled”. In every country I can think of “offpeak” electricity is more environmentally friendly, and in some cases its cheaper.



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