Tips to reduce your TVs Energy Consumptions

Turn the TV off when it’s not in use

All too often people leave their TVs going in the background.

Off! Not standby

If you consider just how many hours your TV is likely to spend on standby, the energy really does add up. Older TVs are particularly bad for consuming large amounts of energy while on standby.

Turn off the Quick Start option
Many newer TV have an option called Quick Start or something similar, which keeps the set “warmed up” and so makes the it turn on more quickly when you press the power button. It consumes far more power during standby mode however.

Turn down the brightness

Most TVs will allow you to control the brightness of the screen. If the room is less bright, then the TV does not need to be as bright to give the same appearance. So… there can be a double saving here. Most TVs also give better image rendering at lower brightness levels

Control room lighting
If your room is less bright, you can turn down the TV brightness.

Does your TV have a power-saver mode?
Have you tried it?

Watch TV together
Be a bit sociable for gods sake!

Watch less TV
Well obviously!


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