Barack Obama reads this blog

Well good reader, it appears you are in good company. Barack Obama seems to be basing his energy policy (well part of it anyway) on the posts here. It’s true, the part of his policy getting the most coverage by the yanks – pump up your tires, save 3%, as suggested by this post in May.

And for those of you who are not convinced by the significance of this check out this article here, which compares the significance of this simple measure, to the off-shore drilling plan currently being touted by George Bush. Just by optimising all the tire pressures in the USA, you could expect to save double the amount of oil, not even counting the waste from refining etc. Also these benefits could be felt tomorrow, offshore drilling could taking 2-20 years depending on who you listen to.

So, as we don’t want this to be a partisan blog, I am now formally inviting John McCain to also make use of the wisdom to be found here, to beef up his own policy. Indeed he can even show his superior courtesy by mentioning us as a source…


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