Do your part to stop the downturn in the building trade- Insulation your home

The other day I listened to CIF, the Irish building federation, extol the virtues of people having their homes insulated, draft proofed and double glazed to improve the energy performance, and of course, provide work for small builders. Well it’s not too often that I would agree with those feckers… but this might be the time. In the old days one of the reasons for not having home improvements done was that builders weren’t available, were overpriced, and weren’t motivated to work small jobs… Well this is the opportunity.

From the point of view of the economy… it’s a winner. In Ireland alone, sorting out the worst 10% of houses would generate 2 billion for the trade… not to be sniffed at… would buy a lot of breakfast rolls and low cut pairs of jeans!


Do it for the environment

Do it for your energy bills

Do it for your economy

Do it for the builders


Insulate your home


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