GM and the electric car… Whats going on?

If you ever watched “who killed the electric car” you’ll know the film asks the question of GM… Why did they seem so eager have the project fail.


Anyway, the Chevy volt has returned, and Bob Lutz, the VP of GM, appeared on Colbert the other night. And once again, the question must be asked, if your company just spent billions developing the first electric car to be produced by a major manufacturer, wouldn’t you expect him to be a bit more positive?


4 Responses to GM and the electric car… Whats going on?

  1. kerry bradshaw says:

    Let’s see,now. Bob Lutz has made many claims. Such as : “The Volt is a game changer.”
    “The future of the auto is electric.” ” The Volt will be my legacy.” “After the intial shakedown year, we’ll build as many as the public demands – the sky’s the limit.”
    The car’s got a waiting list of over 40,000. I know that when Lutz makes prositive comments, the brainless environuts claim he’s hyping. Nothing like being brainless boobs in a country full of same. I’ll bet you even shill for crappy wind power.

  2. natureheads says:

    Absolutely ridiculous – I have not seen the movie but I’ve been told about it by Peter Kindersley who drivse an electric car at Sheepdrove Organic Farm. How galling that we have had the technology for years and it was scrapped.

    As for your other comment – YES it’s worth attacking the car industry and YES there are good reasons for electric cars. Health being one. Maybe these are only a small part of the solution, but it should have been common sooner.

  3. greennav says:

    Having watched the Colbert video, I’d have to agree with Martin. During the interview, to promote this “game changer” he said “its got a little engine”… “tiny”… in a negative way. 1.4l is the average for Ireland, hardly tiny. He then bashes the global warming theory. It is a major reason to buy the car, if you are into the green thing. He then says that you could leave your car in a sunny parking lot for 2 weeks to get a charge. Now that totally depends on the amount of panels, so why be negative and say 2 weeks? He then knocks its pick up speed. He then knocks the sorts of people who drives the car, and the sorts of women who they are with.
    Its crazy!

    PS… I do like wind… lots

  4. jmartin says:

    After seeing Lutz on 60 minutes and I’ve also seen the film ” Who killed the Electric Car”

    I will never buy a GM product again. What an arrogant ass. Even the Village Idiot
    ( Soon to be back in Crawford ) has finally accepted scientific proof that Global warming is MAN MADE. It’s too bad for all the American auto industry that they reward top management ( with millions ) for running a business into the ground. 28 billion dollar bail-out for GM at a time when Toyota and Honda motor sales are booming. I’m reminded of GM s ineptitude every time I drive by the Toyota Factory in Fremont CA.
    The one that used to build Chevys. Says a lot about why GM is losing… So goes America with it.

    No wonder when I googled “Bob Lutz asshole of the week”, 2,600 listings popped up.

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