Have you Weatherized you house?

Weatherization, what a great word. It refers to protecting a building from the elements, or for the purpose of this blog, the particular elements of wind, snow, cold and rain. I’m particularly interested in things you can do to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Anyway, here is a bit of a list

  • Air sealing cracks, gaps, holes around doors, windows, and in walls
  • Block up and insulate gaps around pipes that penetrate the attic ceiling, and other areas with high potential for heat loss.
  • Protecting pipes from corrosion and freezing.
  • Installing drains, foundation waterproofing membranes, downspout extensions, downward-sloping grading, French drains, etc to prevent water flowing under doors or lodging beside walls
  • Insuring that roofing, building wrap (walls), siding, flashing etc can prevent wind, rain or snow from getting in (depending on how much is possible for your area)
  • Have enough insulation to reduce heat losses to an acceptable level
  • Providing proper ventilation to unconditioned spaces to protect a building from the effects of condensation.

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