Dublin Bikes

I signed up the other day for the new dublin bikes service. Generally its a very good service. Pay €10 annualfee and you can use bikes to cycle around the city centre.

Dublin Bikes

Dublin Bikes

My Comments however

1. More please. I have seen manyempty stations already. That would reck my head if I went to get one, and the station was empty

2. Better management please. I’ve already seen stations that are full. Imagine how annoyed you would be if you went to drop back your bike and the station was full!

3. More stations please. I don’t like to walk a long way

4. Cover a larger area please. I live far too far out of town!

5. Make the map of where stations are a bit easier to access on the website. If you are using your mobile, accessing google maps embedded into a website is really slow. Not to worry… I’m going to put a jpg version of the map right here on this post.

Dublin bikes map

Dublin bikes map


2 Responses to Dublin Bikes

  1. Bo says:

    nice one for this! their website is down and i needed the map 🙂

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