Grants for Insulation

April 25, 2008

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Today Eamon Ryan announced the launch of the long awaited home insulation grants scheme. Only a pilot at the moment (North Tipp, Clare, Limerick and Dundalk), it should be launched nationally in 2009. The max grant is €2,500. The pilot bit is a bit of disappointment, but probably sensible as it will allow a supply chain to get into shape. Technologies which can be included are attic insulation, interior or exterior wall insulation, low emissions double-glazing, heating control or a range of other energy efficient works. Regular readers of this blog are aware that I belly on about insulation a lot, and I really encourage everyone to take part in this scheme. If you’re unlucky enough to not live in Clare, get ready for the National launch.

Fair play to Eamo for this one, looking forward to seeing the nods of approval his way from quarters that are generally critical of him!