FT Energy News 26th October

October 26, 2010

Green bank plan to make spring debut (Page 2)

Full details of the coalition’s plan for a green investment bank will be set out in the spring of next year. Additional funds to the £1bn will be made available to the bank from asset sales.

Go-ahead for wind energy to generate 70,000 jobs (Page 2)

David Cameron has said £60m of spending earmarked for upgrading British ports to make them suitable for handling large offshore turbines would go ahead, resulting in 70,000 ‘green jobs’.

BP to sell four Gulf of Mexico fields (Page 20)

BP has agreed to sell its interests in four deepwater fields in the Gulf of Mexico to Japan’s Marubeni Oil for $650m as part of a move to cut its capital spending and rebalance its portfolio of assets in the wake of the Macondo oil spill disaster.


FT Energy News 22nd October

October 22, 2010

Chevron to develop in Gulf of Mexico (Page 21)

Chevron is going ahead with a $7.5bn development of two large fields in the Gulf of Mexico, representing the largest investment in the area since the BP disaster in April. Despite tighter regulations the area still remains attractive to western oil companies excluded from exploiting many of the world’s most geologically accessible oil reserves in the Middle East and Russia.

FT Energy News 20th October

October 20, 2010

Cooling ambitions (Page 11)

Delays, cost over-runs and foreign competition have dimmed French hopes for its new-generation nuclear reactor as a significant source of diplomatic and economic power.

China: The world’s biggest market but in need of nuclear know-how (Page 11)

The Chinese government plans to build 70GW-100GW of nuclear capacity by 2020, 23 reactors are under construction and another 120 have been proposed.

Market bulls set target of $100 a barrel for crude oil (Page 33)

Goldman-Sachs forecast oil will reach $100 a barrel by the end of next year, helped by a weak dollar and a stronger than expected growth in oil demand.

Financial Times Energy News 19th October

October 19, 2010

BP fourth-quarter bonus tied to safety (Page 1)

Health and safety will be the sole measure used to judge all 80,000 staff for their bonuses in the fourth quarter according to Bob Dudley, new chief executive.

Green investment divides ministers (Page 4)

Details of a green investment bank are likely to be left out of Wednesday’s comprehensive spending review as ministers cannot agree whether to grant the bank power to raise finance from the private sector, for instance by issuing bonds, green Isas, raising loans and other measures.

Subsidy for eight nuclear reactors rejected (Page 4)

“There will be no levy, direct payment or market support for electricity supplied or capacity provided by a private sector new nuclear operator, unless similar support is also made available more widely to other types of generation” said Chris Huhne, secretary of state for energy and climate change.

China feels the strain in rush to save energy (Page 7)

China is rushing to meet its energy saving target of 20% reduction in energy use per unit of gross domestic product. China’s energy intensity fell by 15.6% from 2005-2009, but rose 3.2% in the first quarter of this year.

Wave of closures set to hit US coal stations (Page 8)

Closures ot US coal fired power plants are set to accelerate sharply during the coming decade as a wave of environmental regulations hits the industry. Ageing plants are threatened by the cost of investment needed to cut pollution, as well as by competition from cheap gas supplies created by the boom in US production from previously uneconomic shale rocks.

Rockhopper seeks to extend Falklands drilling (Page 21)

Rockhopper, the Falklands Islands-focused oil explorer, is hoping to raise £200m through an accelerated bookbuilding to extend its drilling programme just days after cutting its resource estimates.

TNK-BP looks abroad with Venezuela and Vietnam deal (Page 21)

TNK-BP, the Russian venture half-owned by BP, will pay $1.8bn to buy BP’s production and pipeline assets in Venezuela and Vietnam, in a move that marks its most significant diversification outside Russia. The move puts TNK-BP on the path of international expansion as opportunities for growth in Russia diminish due to increasing resource nationalism and a burdensome tax regime.

Financial Times Energy News 18th October

October 18, 2010

Huhne backs nuclear power surge (Page 2)

The way will be cleared for the next generation of nuclear power stations on Monday with the publication of a revised list of suitable sites and clearer guidelines on how they can be used. The proposed new plants are not expected to be operational before 2018. Funding is expected to be cut for a 10-mile barrage across the SDevern that could have generated about 5% of the UK’s electricity.

Low gas prices to reshape industry (Page 24)

Low US natural gas prices intensify pressure on producers, with analysts expecting many to form joint ventures and to sell off assets to raise cash. Prices have been trading at about $3-$4/mBtu down from the record $13.69/mBtu reached in 2008.

IPO for Enel’s renewables unit to test investor appetite (Page 24)

Enel, the partially privatised Italian utility, plans to sell as much as €3.4bn worth of shares in its diversified renewables business, which is present in 16 countries and includes geothermal, hydro, solar and photovoltaic, biomass and wind energy. Enel Green Power (EGP) hopes to reverse the trend of falling renewables prices by offering a more diversified portfolio.

Big subsidies for wind lead to four-year investment plan (Page 24)

EGP plans to invest 90% of its projected capital expenditure in wind over the next four years. UBS expects subsidies for wind and solar across Europe could surge from €11bn in 2010 to €13bn in 2015.

Financial Times Energy News 15th October

October 15, 2010

Opec to keep oil quotas as prices hold up (Page 10)

Opec oil ministers have decided to keep their production quotas unchanged, declaring the world market remains “well supplied” and prices are at a satisfactory level. Members are generally failing to comply with a total quota of 24.85m barrels per day, with current output some 2m b/d above this ceiling.

Financial Times Energy News 14th October

October 14, 2010

Topland expands into green energy (Page 22)

Topland, the investment company managed by property entrepreneurs Sol and Eddie Zakay, has invested in a solar energy technology business that will use its retail estate portfolio to generate and trade power. The company has taken an undisclosed financial stake in Esco NRG, a renewable energy service company, and has agreed to open certain properties for use as future sites for PV arrays. Esco NRG was established in February 2010 and will this week launch the UK’s largest solar PV array, 745 sq m.

Sale of Cairn unit to be test case for India (Page 23)

Vedanta, the Indian-focused mining company, who have become a global mining group, mainly by buying under performing state-owned Indian mining firms and strengthening their operations, is now launching into oil and gas productions and wants to buy a $9.6bn controlling stake in Cairn Energy’s Indian subsidiary.