Greennav is an open blog for anyone who is interested in energy, the environment, and all that jazz. We would prefer if people didn’t use it to defame or slander people, but they are welcome to give reasonable opinions. If you have an issue that you want to blog about, and hopefully have someone listen, then just drop us a comment. We’ll upgrade you to an Author lickedy split and away you go.

Paddy (posts as Greennav) is a engineer who works as an energy consultant. Bits of efficiency, bits of renewables. Mainly for industrial and commercial organisations. He kicked off greennav to act as a single store for green info, having been asked about all sorts of things in the pub, and bluffed the answers far too often.

7 Responses to About

  1. Paddy,

    Glad 2c u getting starting. The worlds your oyster now 🙂
    I’d post a picture and some more ‘profile’ info unless u are keeping yourself secret ?

    PS Must do some updating myself.


  2. Thank you very much for posting links to my blog. Just one think though – do you really think all my posts are rantings 😉

    Well done on the blog.

    Cheers, Tony McGinley

  3. greennav says:

    Yes Tony… yes I do….


    Not quite rantings… but…

    I guess truth is, the idea of this blog is that it is mainly about information, while your blog is more… opinion. And in Internet terms, most opinion is… well… ranting…

    I think there is room for both.

  4. Ah come on Pat, I know I love to have a good old rant – It is my “therapy on the cheap” and I need it to calm me every now and then. I counted back on my blog posts – and in my last 14 posts – I took off on a mere 2 rants. That is a very good RANY to POST ratio for me, I would normally have a good few more rants. But for you to say ALL my posts are rants is stretching it just-a-bit – it smarts a bit.

    Maybe – this is just you haveing an occasional rant???


  5. greennav says:

    Its a fair cop… and I will put my hands up and accept when I’m wrong. I have gone and changed the title on the link to your page… drastically. Now what could be fairer than that? Surely enough to get you on this blog as a guest writer?

    BTW… rants or not, the blogosphere loves them! Soon you’ll have a blog award (awards.ie) to go with your very impressive hit counter

  6. […] I did, which is why I e-mailed in the links. Greennav is an odd mix of a group blog in that anyone can add to it. So its one better than an aggregator, is something of a community. And yes its full of green hints […]

  7. Hello!
    Very quick note – would love to chat with you about your excellent blog. (Well, I’ve just found it in search of something on the Government cycle scheme) and had a very brief look at it – may be mentioning it on radio this morning).
    Good wishes,
    Rosalind Fanning

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