Draft proofing hinged windows and doors

When draft proofing  hinged type of windows or doors, similar principles can be used for the sides and the top of doors as with the top and bottom of sash windows. First you need some compressive foam seals, or in some cases a roll of soft polystyrene can be a cheaper solution. With the door or window open, these are fitted to the frame on the top and sides of the door or window, along with the bottom of the window frame. When doing this it is important that you cut the strip to the exact size required to provide as tight a seal as possible.

With regards to external doors, the base of the door is often the worst source of drafts following poor installation and years of wear and tear. The solution is a bristle strip, cut to the correct length and attached securely to the base of the door.

In some cases, where very large gaps are present, it may be necessary to install an aluminium strip to provide an even surface which can be used form a tight seal.


Finally, with regards to doors mail boxes and key holes are a source of drafts, and should be fitted with appropriate covers.


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